Our Approach

The main purpose of LBCN is to be the place to assemble among all Lao descents including Buddhist monks, elderly and youths.
It is also a community center for groups of elder and younger generations to collaborate as a support network in deeds and in moral, emotional engagement for mutual support and sharing among all Buddhist followers.

For example

  • Festivities & Religious Events
  • Dharma Studies & Practices
  • Community Hall
  • Ritual Master ( Mo Pon)
  • Lao Cultural Performances
  • Lao Language Classes
  • Funeral-related services and guidance


General supporters and Buddhist observers attend religious and Lao traditional festivities periodically and monthly events. They take parts in the celebration of social customs, ceremonial public services at the temple such as Lao New Year, Chinese, Vietnamese New Year. In some cases, they collaborate family sponsored activities for memorial service, wedding reception and community recognition ceremony for high school graduation. The devout practitioners engaging in more monastic traditions attend a course of Dharma studies and insight meditation practice during weekdays and general community service and worshipping in the weekend. 


religious function

Lao Buddhist Center Northwest (LBCN) serves as a place for model practices in Dharma and in moral and social cohesive cooperative networks among Lao members and all Buddhists. It is a place for spiritual refuge for those who seek to improve and enhance the quality of life and community living. Members can participate in religious practice according to the teaching of Buddha by observing ethical codes of conduct in thoughts, behavior, and speech based on the basic tenets of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Paths.